The white death – How to reduce avalanche risk?

The white death  – How to reduce avalanche risk?

You can die ski touring! On average, 12 skiers die a year in Switzerland because of avalanches. Most of them triggered their “own” avalanche. Avalanche risk is difficult to assess. Without real knowledge and experience, you may put your own life as well as others’ at risk. How to reduce avalanche risk? Following the advice of the Swiss Team for Avalanche Accident Prevention is a good start…

How to reduce avalanche risk?

Do not under-estimate risk! One third of avalanche casualties happen at danger level 2. At danger level 3, the situation is already critical. If in doubt, find yourself someone with relevant experience to guide you.

Get informed!

Always about weather forecasts and latest field conditions, and study with care the avalanche bulletin (e.g. SLF, Meteo France). Pick an itinerary with low risk.

During and after your outing, think of quickly sharing a few observations on MountaiNow to inform your friends about the latest conditions and possible hazards – this will only take a few seconds using the app or website!

Important also… Follow an avalanche course. Numerous guides and organisations offer this opportunity (e.g. ISTA). Get experience together with people who have adequate experience.

Avalanche accident: What to do?

Don’t stop there! Get the full picture… Download the “Caution Avalanches!” brochure


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