FAQ – Tips

FAQ - Tips

MountaiNow - Safer Together

Four things to remember!

Share Key Observation  =  Share 1 key observation on the spot

Share Track  =  Share 1 track (+ observations) at the end. Important: the track is only shared once a colour has been assigned to it

GPS Track  =  Record track (+ observations along the way) to directly share afterwards using "Share Track"

Conditions Map =  Consult latest conditions on the map

Can I collect observations and record my track off-network?

Yes, it works fine for instance in flight-mode (and helps save some battery-power). Only the GPS signal is required. Your track and observations can be shared once the network is back, in the meantime they are saved on your phone

How to flag inappropriate content or remove a track/observation?
  • To flag or remove a single observation, click on the (i) symbol in the upper-right corner of the fully-enlarged observation window
  • To remove a track, send the track name (and corresponding region) by email to technical.supportATmountainow.net
How to change a profile or pseudo?

Go to the website and login, then click on the wheel icon in the top right corner: The fields Pseudo, Name, Experience level will appear on screen. Make required changes and save. Note that the "Pseudo" field may be left empty (in that case, tracks and observations will remain fully anonymous to the public)

What does "Nearby" correspond to?

"Nearby" shows the latest posts in a radius of 30 km around you or around the place selected on map

Where to find the latest contributions/posts - regardless of the region?

On the website. Click on "Conditions Map", the latest posts are listed in the left column

Why different colours for the map-markers?

Red: Danger; Yellow: Long-term (for an observation relevant in the long-term, e.g. fallen rocks); Violet: Key observation (with no imminent danger nor long-term); Blue: Observation that belongs to a track.

On the website, colour-markers are replaced by colour-frames; the thicker the frame, the higher the experience level of the observer that contributed the observation (i.e. thin frame for "Enthusiast" level; thick frame for "Professional" level)

How to use "+ Observation"? Why is the button sometimes inactive?
  • As a shortcut to add observations to a track
  • The GPS signal is not good enough to enable precise geo-localization (during GPS-tracking)
My GPS Track only shows very few recorded points?

Please set your MountaiNow localisation settings to "Always" on your smartphone. Otherwise, GPS tracking will stop everytime the phone is put to sleep

Are all observations visible on the map at the same time?

Only key observations remain visible at all times on the map, the ones associated with a track only show when the corresponding track is selected

For how long do observations remain on the map?

A few days. Only observations tagged "Long-term" remain in the system for longer

Are base-maps visible off-line?

Not for the moment. Whilst GPS-recording a track, the track remains visible off-line but not the base-map

Once recorded, is my GPS track automatically shared on MountaiNow?

No, at this stage, it is only stored in your phone. The track needs to be shared under Share Track/Use my GPS Track to actually show on MountaiNow

I added a post but cannot find it on the map

The post may take a bit of time to transfer depending on network connection - or - the "Share Track" process was not fully completed. The process is completed by giving a colour to the track

What does the black&white icon (showing foot-/ski- prints) mean in the list of posts?

There is no recent observation associated with this track for now

Why do basemaps have blank areas?

Either the network is not good enough for data transfer, or this is a transition zone between two base-maps (the latter will be resolved gradually)