MountaiNow - Safer Together

Concept and Implementation

The idea of MountaiNow was born while slaloming giant crevasses. We couldn't endure another never-ending heat-wave, at least not without better information about mountain conditions. MountaiNow is first and foremost a story of friendship – different countries and backgrounds, and one common goal to make mountains as safe and enjoyable as they can be

Alexia Massacand

Founder MountaiNow

Massimo Zotti

Head of Government & Security, Planetek

Mauro Casaburi

Technical Manager for Spatial Data Infrastructure, Planetek

Antonio Lovicario

Technical Supervisor and Project Manager, Applica

Giuseppe Lapolla

Web and Backend Developer, Applica

Davide D'Angelo

Android Developer, Applica

Giovanni Viggiani

iOS Developer, Applica

Giovanni Petrosino

iOS Developer, Applica

Michele Leone

UIX Designer, Applica

Julia Dubuis

Graphics Designer

Luca Bussoletti

Social Media Manager

Baptiste Guillemin

Communication and Digital Marketing

Chiara Bartoli

Partnerships Digital Marketing

Chris Frost


Barbara Naegeli

Languages Communication