Support MountaiNow!

Support MountaiNow!

MountaiNow - Safer Together

Here comes MountaiNow 2.0!

With a completely new interface and many new functions! For instance, keeping a logbook, importing GPX tracks, and choosing an activity type (e.g. ski-touring, hiking, mountaineering, rock-climbing, trail, biking).
You can help MountaiNow continue to grow and become what you'd like it to be! Just send us your suggestions.
Also, a contribution, whatever the amount, will make a world of difference. MountaiNow was born thanks to your vision and generosity, and its future belongs to you.
All collected funds are fully dedicated to the development and maintenance of MountaiNow to ends of mountain safety and public utility - ensuring continuously free access for you. Support MountaiNow today!


MountaiNow-One Earth sàrl

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UBS Switzerland, CP, CH-1110 Morges


EUR: CH78 0024 3243 2008 5260 Q
CHF: CH55 0024 3243 2008 5201 Z

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