MountaiNow - Safer Together

Advisory Board

Ezio Bussoletti

Geospatial Physicist Head of Delegation UN-GGIM

Elin-Haf Davies

Adventurer Entrepreneur

Jacques Grandjean

Guide de Haute Montagne Expert at the Swiss Alpine Club

Jean-Louis Le Garrec

Guide de Haute Montagne Compagnie des Guides de Chamonix

Christoph Meister

Climber Innovation Expert

Jean Micol

President of Diablerets Swiss Alpine Club

Denis Pavillard

Photograph Trekker Technology Expert

Julien Vaudan

Geologist Financial Expert

Concept and Implementation

The idea of MountaiNow was born while slaloming new giant crevasses. We couldn't endure another never-ending heat-wave, at least not without better information about mountain conditions.
MountaiNow is first and foremost a story of friendship – different countries and backgrounds, and one common goal to make mountains as safe and enjoyable as they can be

Alexia Massacand

Founder Scientific Expert

Dimitri dello Buono

Director of geoSDI Laboratory

Francesco Izzi

Head of Software Development

Giuseppe la Scaleia

Senior Developer

Vito Salvia

Software Developer

Julia Dubuis

Graphics Designer

Lorenzo Amato

Website and Media

Donato Maio

Systems Engineer

Chiara Bartoli

Partnerships Digital Marketing

Barbara Naegeli

Languages Communication