MountaiNow & E-Shape: a European project for the future

MountaiNow & E-Shape: a European project for the future

A few months ago, MountaiNow was selected to be part of a large European project with the sweet name of e-shape.

It’s time for us to tell you more in this article!

1 – e-shape project: objectives and vision

E-shape is a unique initiative that brings together decades of public investment in Earth observation for policy makers, citizens, industry and researchers.

In particular, it allows Europe to position itself as a global force in the field of Earth observation, using existing European capabilities.

This program includes 37 pilot applications, divided into 7 thematic areas addressing societal challenges.

In sum, e-shape aspires to foster the development of valuable Earth observation services with and for users.

To achieve this, many objectives and means are put in place:

  • Support the coordinated exploitation of Earth observation data and services in Europe and beyond ;
  • Generate key tools that will contribute to the sustainability of activities now and in the future, through open and inclusive processes;
  • Streamline access to key resources (knowledge, technologies, markets and capital) enabling researchers, developers and industrial actors to provide services that deliver tangible benefits;
  • Breaking down barriers, helping to develop services to reach a critical mass of users across borders and sectors.

To learn more about the e-shape project, find more information by clicking here.

2 – But then … why MountaiNow?

Climate change is transforming mountains, creating new needs for safety and adaptation.

As a mobile app offering real-time information on conditions, we were selected as a pilot for the project.

The combination of real-time crowdsourcing, spatial awareness, machine learning and guided navigation is very innovative.

Indeed, the development possibilities are numerous and could benefit everyone, offering a new/unique set of actionable information.

The objectives defined in the framework of the E-Shape project for MountaiNow are numerous, and consist in

  • To co-design and develop a premium version of MountaiNow ready for the market
  • To grow MountaiNow on a national and international scale
  • Building on the principles of the Group on Earth Observations, enable a breakthrough in the use and downstream exploitation of complementary data sources such as crowdsourcing and satellites

To learn more about the success story, find more information by clicking here.

3 – What’s next?

Since the launch of MountaiNow in 2017, we have been striving to offer a quality free application, offering a multiple service, aiming to accompany the user in his mountain activity, but also for other causes, such as safety and adaptation to climate change.

The e-shape pilot project should lead to further major advances, with the launch of new features such as filters for targeted search, offline map recording, or multi-day snow depth forecasting in the entire Alpine region!

We will of course keep you informed, so stay tuned!

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