The Remy brothers and climbing : A passion that moves mountains

The Remy brothers and climbing : A passion that moves mountains

In the Remy family, climbing is a tradition from father to son. Through the exploits of the father, Marcel Remy, but also through the unparalleled commitment of the two sons, Claude and Yves, the Remy family has gained international recognition in the world of climbing.

Climbing as a legacy

In the Remy family, climbing is at the heart of family life, like a tradition.

The Remy brothers are the sons of Marcel “Matrix” Remy, a famous Swiss climber. He did numerous climbs in the Vaud and Fribourg Alps, as well as classics such as the Matterhorn, the Grand Combin and the Mont Blanc by the three mountains. Passionate as he is, he has introduced many people to this practice, including his two sons, Claude and Yves.

His latest achievement, in 2017 at the age of 94, was the ascent of the Miroir de l’Argentine (14 pitches, 5b/5c, rated “difficult”), a 450-metre high cliff in the Vaud Alps, accompanied by his two sons.

The climber has just celebrated his 98th birthday, almost regaining his youth in one fell swoop to climb a few pitches in the new climbing gym in Satigny/Geneva opened especially for his birthday (see photo, Marcel is with Martin Rebetez).

A passion that moves mountains

Naturally, the passion for climbing was passed on to his children, Claude and Yves.

Together with his brother Yves, three years his junior, Claude has written some of the most beautiful pages of Swiss climbing. The rope team they form is unique in its longevity and activism.

For example, the two brothers tackled the ascent of the Reculée des Planches cirque in the French Jura, a 180-metre-high limestone wall with a 70-metre overhang between its base and summit.

Not stopping there, they equipped an incalculable number of routes, published in specialised magazines, edited reference topos, and wrote about the history of climbing. As pioneers, the Remy also worked hard to bring the Saint-Légier climbing gym – the first of its kind in French-speaking Switzerland – to life.

Even if the Remy brothers are not fond of distinctions, they have received a number of them such as the Honorary Member of the Swiss Alpine Club in 2017 (awarded to only 104 people since 1863, mostly researchers, professors or writers), or the King Albert Mountain award in 2016 “for their exceptional contribution to the international development of climbing”.

Partners of MountaiNow for more fun and safety

Since September 2019, a partnership between the Remy brothers and MountaiNow has been set up, in order to provide climbing enthusiasts with the best information possible – to prepare and manage their outings for more fun and safety.

Indeed, with the help of the MountaiNow app, climbing enthusiasts can add observations, such as “Route departure” or “Equipment”, directly via the app, and thus make the most of their sporting and leisure experiences.

In particular, observations alerting to dangerous routes and/or changes in route equipment (for example deterioration, replacement, addition) can be critical for climbers’ safety.

We are very pleased to count the Remy brothers among our partners, through their commitment and contribution to the development of climbing in Switzerland and worldwide.

For more info: see pp.42-82 in 50 ans de voies nouvelles et de hard rock, 1970-2020

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